Uncounted Worlds for Basic Roleplaying – Issue Two

Uncounted World for Basic Roleplaying Issue Two Cover
Issue Two Cover

Issue Two of Uncounted Worlds for Basic Roleplaying has finally made an appearance!  Uncounted Worlds is a fan magazine publishing material for role playing using Chaosium Inc’s Basic Roleplaying.

Publisher’s Musings

It’s been a far longer, harder road getting this issue done than I hoped or expected – I won’t bore you with the litany of personal and professional crises that have dogged me over the last two years, but the revised format (in what Lulu.com call US Trade size) is one of a number of changes I’ve made to hopefully speed up production of future issues and make access to the print editions easier – we’ll see.

I still intend to carry on with Uncounted Worlds and as ever that can only happen if I get submissions so please get in touch if you have material!

This issue was produced using NeOffice 3.1.2 and uses Apple Chancery and Palatino fonts.

See the article about this issue of Uncounted Worlds.


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