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Mar 31, 2008

The Chaos Project

[caption id="attachment_90" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Chaos"][/caption] The first publicly usable version of the Chaos Project is...

Mar 24, 2008

New and Improved Basic Roleplaying . Net

Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) Basic Roleplaying . Net (formerly - and...

Mar 24, 2008

Terms of Use for Basic Roleplaying . Net


Mar 23, 2008


Please use the form below to contact the Basic Roleplaying . Net team. [gravityform id="1"...

Mar 22, 2008


Welcome to Basic Roleplaying . Net Basic Roleplaying.Net is the unofficial site of Basic Role...

Mar 22, 2008

Basic Roleplaying . Net / d100 . Org Move

We are moving from using Drupal to manage our site to a WordPress/MediaWiki combination. The...

Feb 28, 2008

Basic Roleplaying . Net – Server Move

We moved to a new dedicated server with better bandwidth - so the site should...

Apr 27, 2007

Egad, how time flies…

Well, bit the bullet finally, after another month (near as damnit) of distractions and sidetracks...

Apr 3, 2007

Time to get things moving.

Well, things have finally quieted enough at work that I've been able to spend a...