Egad, how time flies…

Well, bit the bullet finally, after another month (near as damnit) of distractions and sidetracks (health issues, work and trying to keep my faltering current game going in the midst of various personal crises (one of the players is undergoing a trial seperation from his partner, one of the other players is in the midst of moving…)). Finally posted the two parts of the essay on Stormbringer rules additions / variations I originally wrote some three years back for the Stormbringer zine that never was. Much of what is in them is shortly to be superceded by the new Basic Role Playing core book but that’s life I guess, and I still hope the project and firearms rules will be helpful to GM’s.

Also, finally, “The Multiverse and how to get Around it” sees the light of day. Howard wrote the original as a draft chapter for an Eternal Champioin book that never happened, and I approached him about reworking it for that Stormbringer ‘zine project, which he generously agreed to. The version presented here is the one that would have seen print if that project had happened.

And, last but not least (certainly in my thinking), I have finally got the home page and submission guidelines for Uncounted Worlds up (and probably full of typos, knowing me…).

Things are finally moving…